Pampering, Rejuvenating and Therapeutic

Come experience the deeply relaxing, soothing and healing aspects of Thai Massage and Hot Stone Massage. A very special haven of wellbeing and harmony will flourish right at the very centre of your self. A renewed, refreshed and happy you will emerge from this wonderful experience.

Thai massage was developed in Thailand by Buddhist monks and was created as a healing modality about 2, 500 years ago. This massage uses pressure and passive stretching along the body’s energy lines to relieve joint and muscle tension, to increase flexibility and to balance the body’s energy systems. This helps in ushering back the balance in the body and deepens the connection between mind, body and spirit. Thai massage is both energizing and very relaxing. 

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Apart from the pampering aspect of the treatment, Stone Therapy massage has many physiological and emotional benefits. The powers of touch with the stones are huge and should not be underestimated as a luxury. Stone therapy application of hot or cool temperatures stimulates the body’s own natural functions, especially the circulatory and lymphatic systems, along with the nervous system. The nerve endings in the skin pick up the changes in temperature and (...)

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