Holistic Healing with Energy and Spiritual Therapy

As a certified bio-energetic and spiritual therapist, I’m dedicated to helping and supporting you in your healing process. Together and with my guidance, we can clear your energetic blockage. I will support you in your healing process. You will empower yourself to take control of your overall health and wellbeing.

Our session will include clearing energy blockages in your aura, chakras, meridians and in your physical body. I guide you through emotional, mental and spiritual challenges. Together we identify and remove the many behind-the-scene causes of discomfort and disease that you might be consciously unaware off, thereby supporting your body in a continual process of self-healing.

Your sense of wellbeing and your physical health depend on how you feel, what you think, what you say and how you express yourself and by the quality of your relationships. In addition, environmental pollutants outside and inside your home and workspaces increasingly affect your physical and mental health negatively.

For centuries it has been known that in order to maintain or regain health, you need to balance your mind, body and soul. Focussing only on the physical aspects does not guarantee optimum health or a full recovery of ailments and diseases, although it’s a crucial starting point. Once physical ailments have already manifested in your physical body, you have to ensure that the correct physicians, such as Surgeons, other hospital professionals, GP’s, Physiotherapists, etc. treat your physical conditions.

Often the underlying causes of disease and depression are not properly addressed and as such not dissolved, potentially allowing for recurrence of the disease. To dissolve the causes of your diseases and discomfort and lack of wellbeing you have to work on an energetic level and with your soul and spirit.

What is it?

Spiritual healing is a process of transformation, a journey that connects the body, heart and mind to connect and listen to the soul. To that voice & wisdom inside of you that wants to be heard, that guides you to love, peace and to joy.

Energy work is a blend of energy techniques to facilitate a greater sense of overall well-being, reduce stress, alleviate symptoms of anxiety & depression, provide healing for physical pain & ailments, improve sleep quality, clear energy blockages and dissolve fears, and help boost the immune system, amongst others.

In our work together, we spend time discussing where you’re at and where you feel out of alignment in your life.

I integrate this with energy healing (with techniques such as meditation, guided visualizations, breathing exercises, energy work, inner child work) to help to release energy blockages in your aura and physical body and facilitate greater balance and functioning on all levels; energetic, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

You learn how to consciously create the conditions to work on your personal goals and desires. You influence your own energy fields (aura) by your words, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes.

What are the benefits?

“Everything that is showing up in your life is an opportunity to learn or grow.”

· Change negative patterns into positive

· Overcome stress, anxiety and depression

· Deal with loss and health issues

· Release old blockages and traumas

· Cope with a malfunctioning or ended relationship

· Cope with work related stress

· Support your spiritual growth

· Explore deeper and hidden parts of self

· Detect and change your poor lifestyle habits

· Cultivate and maintain your personal health, overall wellbeing

· Develop routines for feeling joyful, helpful and living purposefully

· Feel more peace, deeper love, more compassion and patience

· Feel grounded and have a peaceful sense of self

· Self-love and acceptance

· Find your true purpose

· Live your life better

· Being more present in life

· Being able to harness your energy towards a goal

· Personal growth

· Deeper relationships

· Less anxiety and stress

Contraindications to treatment

There are no contra indications.

Who can benefit?

Anyone who is willing to:

· transform and seeks personal growth

· find one’s true purpose

· work on self-love and acceptance, self-worth, self esteem

· find meaning, purpose

· have more awareness, respect, integrity, authenticity, compassion, empathy

· make lifestyle changes

Anyone who feels:

· stressed, drained, lethargic, depressed, discontent in relationship or at work

· anxiety, fear, depression, grief, anger, low self-esteem, and has relationship challenges

· symptoms of spiritual distress or suffering

Anyone experiencing:

·  profound moments of life and death

·  confusion regarding the big questions of life

·  loneliness, discouragement, misunderstanding

·  trauma and addiction

·  mental health concerns


Additional services:

Energetic clearing of houses and offices.


How long does a session take:

A first session takes between 2 – 3 hours.

Repeat session takes 1 to 1,5 hours.



There are no contra indica-actions.


After a session

Drink plenty of water

Write down useful insights

Play attention to synchronicity and dreams



56,50 USD per session, includes 13% taxes (IVA). In person and online sessions.


Disclaimer: EML advises continuation of conventional medical treatment along with holistic healing remedies for the treatment of physical and psychiatric illnesses.