It’s a pleasure to greet you. My name is Esther Lubenau. I am a dedicated and investigative professional, an experienced project manager, communicator and a healer. I am a natural networker and thrive in international environments. I own a small company, Communication and Services Solutions and like to take on project-based assignments, as I like to see how initial ideas take form and reach their desirable goal. I am adventurous and like to travel and to explore. I love nature and humans. I studied International Tourism Management and Consultancy and I have worked many years in the public broadcast media industry and at a NGO promoting multicultural media.

I sense energies and as such understand situations without needing a lot of explanation. I am empathic and committed to the wellbeing of others. I have a positive outlook on life and like to work towards peaceful and sustainable solutions.

I am certified as a healer and spiritual therapist at the Academy of Metaphysics and Spiritual Studies of Budapest and am based in the San Jose area of Costa Rica. In addition I'm a certified mentor that uses a transformative methodology to increase internal leadership. I’m also a Thai Massage Therapist and I occasionally use Hot Stones for persistent muscle knots, as heat is both soothing to our sensory system but also penetrates deeply. Yoga Mandir issued the Sunshine Network Thai Massage certificate (in Costa Rica) for level 1 to 4, and I am registered at the Thai Healing Alliance International.

Mind, Body and Spirit are connected and influence each other in a delicate interplay that determines one’s health and wellbeing. Each of us has the sole responsibility to take care of one’s own health and happiness. If you feel that your heart, body, mind and spirit need healing, energy work, bodywork, relaxation, pampering or mindful connection, I’ll be glad to help you.

... Lets connect to your heart and its strength …